enough snow…


Adding photos to my blog has been a little frustrating. I still can’t figure out how to add a photo of myself onto my profile page by using flickr. Perhaps it’ll have to be done another way… Anyhow, the snow seems to be melting and for that I’m thankful. I haven’t truly experienced spring in years, since I had been living in the land of winter 10-11 months of the year… Well, almost.

how I know…

Another T.O. story…

So when I was in T.O. last week, I was talking to this woman at one of the drop-ins. Across the table from us was this guy who happened to be listening to our conversation – which happened to be about Jesus. This guy really wanted to be heard. I didn’t know his story, but I found the simplicity of his faith refreshing. “I know Jesus loves me. I know that. Each morning, when I wake up again, I KNOW Jesus loves me.”


Having spent the last week in the T-dot with Sanctuary Ministries, my thoughts continue to dwell on the people I interacted with. The homeless, the poor, alcoholics, druggies, prostitutes… those of our world that society generally ignores. Strangely their humanity stunned me. “This person sitting across the table from me, conversing with me, is not so different from me.” Our brokenness connects us to Jesus Christ, the Only One who can make whole again in both of our cases.

I was surprised how wrong I was in judging them. Many had graduated from university or college, many were immigrants from a distant land. Many had experienced such intense suffering that I can’t begin to understand. Many had beautiful hearts and were generous. Many were gifted in ways that had never been appreciated by those around them. Like a jewel stuck in a tar pit, they are only truly valued by their Creator. Like oil stuck in the ground, He sees their potential and yearns to see it released. But like a glass of pure, clean water contaminated by some feces, so does the world around them treat them injustly, pretending they don’t exist.

How do I then live?

answers to prayer

My visa for Thailand came through – finally!! After waiting for 5 months…. I’m very thankful for that. And I don’t have to go all the way to Ottawa to pick up my visa. And I’m no longer on the waiting list for O.C. in July. And the Lord continues to provide for me in many ways. 🙂 Thank you Jesus.