update on my house – the construction continues

My future house in Sop Soi is under renovations at the moment. Here is the most recent picture I’ve received from my team leader. It’s looking pretty good, isn’t it?! The landlord is the one doing the renovations so he’s doing a really good job on the house. We need to pick a colour for the downstairs room – I think anything would be better than the dreary grey of cement. Apparently the room downstairs will be much bigger than we originally thought (which is a good thing) and there will be plenty of windows. And our kitchen sink will be outside. We’re not entirely sure why but this is typical of the people in this area.

6 thoughts on “update on my house – the construction continues

  1. une amie says:

    Looking good, Beth! I’d recommend something bright for the colour of your room – blue is always a good choice… 🙂


  2. Beth says:

    I’d love to be able to paint my bedroom, but because the walls are real wood, then I don’t think the landlord would appreciate it too much if I painted the walls. 😦 I think there are lots of windows so that’ll help it to be a bright room. But the downstairs will have cement walls that we can paint. 🙂 I do like blue…:)


  3. Jen says:

    Or how ’bout yellow…then you’d always be known as the farang who loves the king. Naw. I prefer blue, as long as its not too dark. Its exciting to see your house. I’d love to come visit “chez toi” someday. If only those plane tickets weren’t so “cher”. : )JenPS Are you getting to see any of the World Cup soccer (football) action? They are crazy about it here. Life stopped while France played their last game. They even interviewed the vice-president on the evening news…about the game.


  4. Beth says:

    I do like yellow as well… I think we’ll see if the landlord wouldn’t mind waiting until Faye and Lilli will be up there so they can actually help choose the colour. If we just say “yellow”, I’m afraid we’ll end up with mustard yellow walls…You’d be more than welcome to visit Jen. The house will even have a western style toilet.World cup soccer has been big here. However, I don’t own a tv so I haven’t seen any games. Faye did “win” a Coke glass at Big C last week that had soccer balls all over it. 🙂


  5. Dan says:

    I am much encouraged! Hope the same for you. How about bubble gum pink like Jess/Andrae’s bedroom primer? Psychology of colour? The bricks remind me of the wallpaper my mother blessed me with as a teenager.


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