Beth Donchai

I became a follower of Christ at the end of my last year of high school.  A few years later, I attended a missions weekend at my church and sensed the Lord leading me to learn more about my faith in Christ, how to share about Christ with others and to apply what I would learn.  At the time, I didn’t expect that it would lead to a career in missions – all I knew was that the Lord was inviting me to take that first step, and so I followed after Him.

After eighteen years of serving the Lord in mission work, my posture is still to respond to God’s invitations to be involved in making disciples.

My husband, two young daughters and I live on the edge of a small Northern Thai village.  We are sent out from OMF International Canada and serve in a number of ways in our area.  A new season is beginning for us as we are preparing to move back to Canada in August of 2018.

While our geographical location may change, I am still passionate to serve God through teaching, training, mentoring and empowering others.

I’m fascinated by other languages and cultures.  Helping others become more proficient in their host language and culture brings me joy.

I am inspired by people like Isobel Khun, Hudson Taylor, Elisabeth Elliot, and Corrie Ten Boom.  I’m also inspired by youth I know who fight to overcome huge obstacles in their lives to pursue further education, to follow after their dreams, and to influence their villages to improve conditions for healthier and safer communities.

Local leaders with a beautiful vision for their people ignite sparks of purpose, focus and energy.  Serving alongside my Thai, Shan-Tai, Tai Yuan, Hmong, Lisu (and many others!) brothers and sisters in Christ has been a great privilege.  A new chapter is beginning but our story together is certainly not done.

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