old windows and reflections

77. Time with new and still newish friends over food and laughter.
78. Time to remember the past with gratefulness to God.
79. A full heart.
80. Loving arms to be enfolded within.
81. The miracle of life.
82. Our first year of blessed marriage.
83. Our covenant of marriage – first with God and then with each other.

84. Fun projects to do together.
85. Exploring new areas together.

86. Old windows.
87. Metal twisted pretty.
88. Faded paint.
89. Wood with a face of a happy and long-lived life.
79. Reflections of sky and tree lines.
80. Popping in to visit friends just on a whim.
81. Provisions that bless.
82. Sweet baby smiles being big brothers’ favourite thing of their new sister.
83. Excitement of new bugs and their unexpected movements.

84. Boys running, jumping, leaping up, down and everywhere they can find space.
85. Discovering new community.
86. Palates overwhelmed with scrumptious anniversary food.
87. Spontaneous dance parties in our living room with just us.
88. A saved treat shared at last on a fitting occasion.
89. Friends and mentors who have spent time with us and encouraged us in how to grow.

two unwanted intruders

We have been feeding four cats for the last couple of months. Two of the cats are our own – David and Bowie. But the other two are strays: one big black one and an orange tabby – both male.

They come in through any open door or window downstairs. Lori and I rarely see them eating the food but when the cats’ food dishes are licked clean, we know that they’ve been about.

Sometimes they come in when they’re not aware we’re downstairs. They leap in through the window, spot us and dart out through the front door, but not before briefly glancing over at the food bowls.

David and Bowie have taken to guarding the downstairs room. They’ll set themselves up in strategic locations so as to be able to most effectively pounce on the intruders or growl at them to scare them away. Unfortunately sleep beats them each time and instead of guarding the food bowls, they awaken, hours later, to find their food all gone and their owners a little perturbed that they’ll have to put out food AGAIN for them.

David won’t necessarily admit it but he’s actually becoming friends with the black cat. Maybe it’s a black cat thing. He was found a few nights ago in the kitchen doing absolutely nothing while the black cat saw me and jumped out through the one open window.

I’m nearly 99.9% sure that these two strays are not actually Corky and Connick – two out of the three kittens that went to live in Napajat (these two disappeared from their adopted families several months after being there) – but I have this Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis idea that perhaps they survived the jungles of Mae Hong Son and made it back to Sop Soi… only to discover their family doesn’t want them anymore. But I’m nearly quite sure it’s not them. I think.

At any rate, it’s getting expensive feeding four full-grown cats. We’ve tried covering the food dishes but those sneaky intruders are too smart and just knock the heavy plates off the bowls. I don’t know how to get rid of the strays and with free food available for them, I don’t think they’re going to be leaving any time soon.


little birds and a du-gae

The birds are back. Not all of them though. Yesterday morning I found myself having to duck as a little bird came swooping down on its way across the room. It had managed to find its way into the upstairs in my house. But couldn’t get out. Eventually it must’ve found a way out – it wasn’t there later on.

We also have a du-gae pooing in our house. Pleasant – I know. It’s weird though. We haven’t heard it, nor have we seen it but every morning we find more of its poo in the same location in the kitchen. At least it sticks to the same spot. Today my language teacher confirmed that the poo we were finding in the kitchen was indeed du-gae poo. She asked if I was scared. I said no. “What can I do about a du-gae that I never see?” I thought to myself. She told me that she was scared. If they had the word in Thai-yai, I’d say that she actually said that she was freaked out by the du-gae being in my house. And then we sat down and studied Thai-yai together. I wasn’t very compassionate about it. I never gave the du-gae another thought. She probably did though. Hmm….

the itsy bitsy spider… or not

Somehow, I had this spider on my head briefly today and lived to tell the tale.

It’s been hanging out in or just outside our bathroom for the past day or so. Today I reached up on the shelf where the extra toilet paper rolls are kept in our bathroom and something landed on me! I don’t remember if I brushed it off or it jumped off but the next thing I knew that huge spider was on the wall.

It’s nearly as big as my fist – body and legs, not just the body. It’s body is maybe as big as the first digit of my baby finger – in case that helps any.

I don’t really know if it’s dangerous or not. I generally let these spiders live in my house because they’re fast and I’m not really the best spider killer. Lilli, one of my previous roommates, was a very good spider killer. She had amazing accuracy and speed in her killing of spiders. I think this kind of spider may even eat cockroaches, and for that, I’ll let him/her live. So long as it doesn’t climb on me again.