update on Friday about the flooding

Thanks so much for praying!  The water in my neighbourhood is still covering the roads but it has gone down significantly.  Praise the Lord it hasn’t really rained for the past few days!  Please keep praying for no rain and for the rest of the water to go down/away so I (and my neighbours) can clean things up and I can move back into my house. 🙂

Oh, and my other cat came home this afternoon while I was at the house for a bit.  🙂

power outage

The power just went out a few minutes ago. It’s the same every time – from throughout the entire village you hear voices crying out in disdain. When our lights faded, Faye headed through the darkness to the candles, while I found the matches and Lilli sat in darkness upstairs until we brought her a candle.

It’s been a hard week. Lilli was bit by that dog last Saturday and so there were several trips to the hospital for that, as well as some appointments for physio for her arm. Then on Tuesday night, Faye was really sick throughout the entire night. Today (Saturday) was the first day that she had the energy to leave the house. Now, my ankle is swollen. I’ve been getting these weird bug bites (during this last week – I have 3) that itch a little at first, then hurt like the dickens and then the whole area swells up. My ankle has been the worst out of the three bites. Last night I could barely walk on it and it’s the same tonight, but during the day the swelling was down. I’ve never had a reaction to a bug bite like this before.

I’m not sure what I’m looking for as I tell you this. Maybe a little sympathy but a lot of prayer. I’m sure that Satan doesn’t like us being here, serving the Lord. Please pray.

The power has since come on again. It often goes out but not everyday. If it does go out, it’s not usually for too long. Often you’ll hear jubilant cries as it comes back. Faye told me once that as she was coming back one evening, she was arriving in the village just as the power was coming back on. She passed one boy on her motorbike who was exuberant that the power was back on and cried out the equivalent of “Yeessss! Power’s on!”, while making a fist with his hand and bending his straightened arm towards his little body.

[Note: I have since found out that I was bitten by an elephant mosquito – who knew such things existed? Well, apparently when they bite you, the area will itch a little, hurt a lot and swell up. They’re more common in the forests but it seems they’re also common in my house. I have now heard many stories of people who were bit on the face had their eyes swollen shut! One man was too embarrassed to go to church because of the swelling on his face! I’m so thankful I wasn’t bitten on my face! As it is, my ankle is still swollen but it’s gone down a lot and most of the pain has gone away. Thanks for your prayers]