October is Month of Prayer for the Thai-yai

We would like to invite you to a party! This is the third year where believers have gathered together having designated October as “month of prayer for the Sh-n (Thai-yai).”

God is working among the Sh-n. He is raising up gifted leaders in different areas where the Sh-n live. He is also calling people from other countries and cultures to reach out to the Sh-n. European, North American, South American, Thai, Lisu, Kachin and others are all hearing God’s call to his people to intercede for and participate in God’s mission to the Sh-n! As you pray for the Sh-n this month be aware that you are joining together with others across the globe. God is robbed of his glory in so many ways amongst the Sh-n. Pray that God will be known and that his salvation will be experienced across North Thailand, the Sh-n state, South West China and beyond!

There are 5 ways in which you can sign up to pray for the Sh-n during this month. What a huge blessing, what a huge privilege to be involved!

Email: Subscribe to prayfortheshan[at]gmail[dot]com
Facebook: Pray for the Shan Facebook
Twitter: ShanPrayer Twitter
Blog:  Words of Eternal Life
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Be Blessed!

But don’t keep the blessing of praying for the Sh-n to yourself, get others praying with you!                                                               

You can also look at further material and download the 30 day prayer guide for the Sh-n at www.surehope.net
*from a prayer bulletin for the Thai-yai (Sh-n) people

update on Friday about the flooding

Thanks so much for praying!  The water in my neighbourhood is still covering the roads but it has gone down significantly.  Praise the Lord it hasn’t really rained for the past few days!  Please keep praying for no rain and for the rest of the water to go down/away so I (and my neighbours) can clean things up and I can move back into my house. 🙂

Oh, and my other cat came home this afternoon while I was at the house for a bit.  🙂