yearly miracles

“Waiting, trusting, and hoping are intricately connected, like golden strands interwoven to form a strong chain.  Trusting is the central strand, because it is the response from My children that I desire the most.   Waiting, and hoping embellish the central strand and strengthen the chain that connects you to Me…” 

-p.75, March 12, “Jesus Calling”, by Sarah Young

One of the things I LOVE about Thailand is that no matter what season you’re experiencing – hot, rainy, cold, and, of course, smokey season – there are always new flowers blooming.  Bursting in colour along roadsides, mountainsides, in your garden, and in the ditch by the dirty canal.  From the lowest level next to the dirt, to the highest branch and beyond.  The continuous stream of buds of various sizes, colours, intricacies and smells are not limited to only one short growing season each year.

But many of these flowers only bloom once a year.  They take turns being quiet while their neighbour blooms, taking centre-stage.

As a gardener, caring for the plants in your yard, you plant, water, fertilize where applicable, and wait for the crop to yield its produce.

Tawee’s the gardener in our family.  It’s his therapy of sorts – spending time out in nature, silently praying conversations with God, hanging out with our dog and two cats and creatively cultivating the vegetables, flowers and other plants in our yard.  He is constantly grabbing seeds, branches or other living items from wherever we happen to be (or stop along the side of the road) to plant in our garden.  I’m amazed at how a leaf planted in dirt will produce roots and the eventual entire plant.  Or how the stick planted by the small creek that runs beside our property will leaf, grow in size and become a small tree.  He loves the surprise of seeing whether or not something he brought home will thrive in our yard, and what it will look like when it flowers or seeds or spreads in a certain area of the garden.  I love it too.

The biggest surprise is when he doesn’t suspect a plant to behave in a certain way and then it tricks us all.

The latest example is a leafy, rooty orchidish (but not) type plant that he expected will just have nice green leaves and hang from a basket in the tree.  But all of a sudden there is a cluster of small, white, strangely shaped buds.  What will happen next?  What did he bring home?  Several days later, the funny buds pop open and a friendly little white flower with some pink detail smile broadly and boast a beautiful yet delicate fragrance.

A little miracle in the garden.  A once a year miracle.

90. Miracles in all shapes and sizes.
91. Blooms in every direction and colour.
92. A dear husband with two green thumbs (and a love for flowers and all things that grow!).
93. The surprises of nature.
94. The Ultimate Artist, Gardener and Creator.

[Note: I’ve since discovered that these are not orchids at all but are hoya!]

beginning May with thankfulness too

And more today…

47. Dandelions on my walk reminding me of childhood times of blowing dreams into the sky. 
48. Light and dark shades of pink with petals on the tree, grass and sidewalk.
49. Flowery fragrances swaying and lingering in the breeze.
50. Deflating lessons in humility.
51. Cuddling up in a cosy blanket.
52. Times to talk about Thailand and what matters most to us with like-minded folk.

a watched pot never boils and a watched orchid never blooms

I’m sure you’re familiar with the first saying.  The second saying is mine.

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting the last few months (since April I think) for more orchid blossoms to appear on the various orchid plants in my yard.  But to no avail.

I bought some fertilizer spray for the orchids and some other plants in my yard.  The spray only seemed to cause weird things to happen with the leaves on the plants so I stopped using it.  And no blossoms appeared.

I regularly watered the orchids and other plants in my yard up until rainy season came.  Then I stopped and God watered everything for me.  And still no blossoms out.

Then I forgot about the orchids and other plants in my yard for a little while.  Things got busy.  I pruned back bushes so I could get to the washing machine and laundry line at the side of my house.  But I forgot so much I even forgot to add any fertilizer pellets to the water of the lotus growing in front of my house (which mistakenly was given a monthly pellet every week throughout hot season – no one who came to my house had ever seen a lotus grow so tall before).  And still no orchid blossoms.

Beyond forgetting.  Rainy season continued and I continued to forget.

Then I came home from having an unusually good day at the office – where I work at half of my responsibilities here – and a flash of colour caught my eye.

Blossoms!  I couldn’t believe it.  Not on just one plant, but on two!  Not just a couple blossoms, but many!

The wait was worth it.